A Source of Innovation, a CAD Platform for Integration


There are many Innovations by MicroStation which differentiate it from the competition. As the list of features and functions in MicroStation is so long we include just a small sample of key features here.


  • Reference DGN and DWG files in the same model file
  • Attach images as reference files including satellite and aerial site photos and scanned maps and drawings
  • Attach a model file as a reference file at different stages of development using Design History
  • Attach a PDF file as a reference file for a full 360 degree design, review and edit workflow.

Raster Manager

  • Multiple image format support up to 24-bit color including TIFF, JPG, CIT, COT, RLE etc.
  • Multiple wavelet compression formats ECW and MrSID are supported
  • Support for: multi-page PDF documents, I/RAS B raster, JPG 2000, and ECW


  • New Microsoft installers ease the process of implementation and administration
  • SELECT updates are structured to streamline the process of implementing updates
  • Designed for XP logo certification is an assurance of quality and reliability

Graphics Performance and presentations

  • Microsoft DirectX Graphics technology provides 3D users with extreme graphics performance for view navigation and manipulation
  • 2D users benefit from high-quality rendering and presentation enhancements
  • Standard PANTONE® and RAL Color books enable the creation of richer and more consistent presentations
  • Element Transparency, Display Priority and Gradient Fills deliver enhanced presentation capabilities

CAD Standards Management

  • Element Templates integrate CAD standards with MicroStation Tasks to align features and tools with design and production workflows
  • CAD standards checking tools provide valuable and accurate insight into the quality of CAD content and enable administrators to check CAD content against project standards using Element Templates to increase the quality & consistency of all project content

Native DWG Working

  • DWG work mode to maximize compatibility
  • AutoCAD keyboard command support

Design History

  • Record and review a complete history of changes to a DGN file and all DGN references
  • Restore previous design content from any working session throughout the lifecycle of the DGN file
ProjectWise StartPoint

  • ProjectWise StartPoint is an entry-level collaboration tool built on Microsoft Office SharePoint technologies for MicroStation and AutoCAD users
  • Provides direct access to SharePoint collaboration tools for managing project and reference files
  • Support for Link Sets between CAD and Office files
  • Enforces CAD Standards by assigning Workspace profiles to DGN files in SharePoint

File Format Support

  • Native read and write for all DGN file formats
  • Native read and write for DWG file formats R11 – R2007
  • Import capability for: DXF, 3DS, SKP, RDL, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS SAT, CGM, STEP, STL, Image & Text
  • Export capability for DXF, RDL, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS SAT, CGM, STEP, VRML World, STL, Google Earth KML, U3D, Visible Edges & 2D

Digital Signatures

  • Record all design stage changes and apply a digital signature for authenticity

Digital Rights

  • Define secure permissions for viewing, editing and printing DGN files
  • Support for 2048-bit public/private keys and Integrated with digital signature technology
  • Additional permissions features include access expiration dates

Printing & Plotting options

  • 2D PDF, PostScript and HPGL2/RTL printing support
  • 3D PDF and U3D support
  • Batch and scheduled print processing

Google Earth Publishing tools

  • Support for Google Earth v4.0
    Publish rich DGN, DWG and GIS models to the Google Earth KML file format
  • Capture Google Earth terrain models and aerial imagery for a realistic representation of the site in MicroStation
  • Play camera animations in Google Earth


  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support included in MicroStation
    MDL and MicroStation Basic support
  • Customizable user interface Universal Database connection
  • Full interoperability with the industry-specific extensions and the comprehensive portfolio of applications

Downstream data compatibility

  • All DGN and DWG files edited by MicroStation can be shared with downstream consumers using: Redline, View and Navigator View