RAM Concept Training In Pune India

RAM Concept

Advanced Design of Reinforced and Post-tensioned Concrete Slabs and Mats


Flexible Structural Modeling

  • Elevated floors and mat foundations
  • One-way and two-way slabs, pan joists, waffles, beams, girders
  • Orthotropic or isotropic slab properties
  • Drop caps, drop panels and random thickenings of any shape at any location
  • Openings of any shape at any location
  • Wall, column, point spring and line spring supports
  • Accurate modeling of irregular structures
  • Zero-tension area (soil) springs
  • Imported CAD drawing as snapping background
  • Automated Meshing

Tendon Modeling

  • Banded, distributed and arbitrary tendons
  • Friction losses including consideration of horizontal curves
  • Analysis includes 3D hyperstatic (secondary) effects

Loading Analysis

  • Fx, Fy, and Fz point, line, and area force loads
  • Mx and My point, line, and area moment loads
  • Line loads (force and moment) can vary linearly from end to end
  • Area loads (force and moment) can vary linearly in two directions
  • Self-weight and tendon loadings calculated automatically
  • Self-equilibrium loadings available for integrating floor-system analysis with building frame analysis from any source

Pattern Loading

  • Loads can be filtered through arbitrary-shaped patterns with on-pattern and off-pattern factors
  • Patterns loading effects automatically enveloped together

Live Load Reduction

  • ASCE 7-02, AS/NZS 1170.1:2002, BS 6399-1:1996, IBC 2003, IS 875-1987, UBC 1997
  • Arbitrary loading patterns may be specified
  • Tributary/influence areas may be specified or calculated by the program

Report Generation

  • Fully customizable professional reports
  • Reports are complete ready-to-submit calculations
  • Reports can be printed to any page size or orientation
  Load Combinations

  • Automatically generated load combinations for each design code
  • Optional user-specified load combinations (no limit)
  • Two load factors per loading, allowing easy enveloping of max and min forces
  • Zero-tension area spring results for mat/raft foundations

Span and Cross Section Design

  • Automated layout of design spans
  • Post-tensioned, reinforced, and hybrid concrete design
  • Strength design (bending and shear)
  • Initial service design (transfer of prestressing forces)
  • Service design
  • Ductility design
  • Cracked section analysis
  • Long-term deflections considering cracking, creep, and shrinkage
  • ACI 318-99, ACI 318-02, AS 3600-2001, BS 8110-1997, IS 456-2000

Punching Shear Design

  • Automated generation of critical section considering actual (not simplified) geometries
  • Design for columns above or below the slab
  • Considers biaxial moments
  • Design of SSR (studded shear reinforcement)

Integration Features

  • Import of structure and loadings from RAM Structural System
  • Export of column and wall geometry to RAM Structural System
  • Export of column and wall reactions to RAM Structural System
  • Import of structure and loadings from STAAD
  • Import and Export of CAD drawings

Other Features

  • Multiple and mixed unit systems (US, SI and MKS)
  • Strip Wizard for 2D modeling
  • Industry leading technical support