Siemens Industry Software

a) Solid Edge:

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology combines the speed and flexibility of direct modelling with precise control of dimension driven design, to provide the fastest, most flexible design experience possible from modelling, through 2D detailing with full compliance with ISO, ANSI, BSI, UNI, DIN or JIS. Data management includes Insight™, but is scalable to Teamcenter. The included modules are part, sheet metal and assembly design for both traditional and synchronous modes, Simulation Express for part and sheet metal analysis, Simulation for assembly level analysis from statics, modal, buckling and thermal, xPresRoute for tubing and piping design, Harness design for wire routing, Frame design, Weldments, Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) the Machinery Library, Engineering Reference, Explode Rendering Animate, and full API access. Translators such as: DXF, DWG, SAT, IGES, STEP, SolidWorks, PTC are also included.

Solid Edge
 Key features  Foundation Classic Premium
 2D translators Y Y Y
3D translators Y Y Y
 Automated drawings Y Y Y
Synchronous technology Y Y Y
Exploded assemblies Y Y Y
Assembly animation Y Y Y
Assembly Basic Y Y Y
Part Basic Y Y Y
Motion simulation Basic Y Y Y
Surface design Y Y Y
Sheet metal Y Y Y
Weldments Y Y Y
 Simulation express Y Y
Engineering reference Y Y
Photorealistic rendering Y Y
Machinery library Add on Y Y
Simulation Add on Add on Y
Wire harness design Add on Add on Y
XpresRoute (pipes/tubes) Add on Add on Y
Piping library Add on Add on Add on
Mold tooling Add on Add on Add on
Web publisher Add on Add on Add on
 Insight Add on Y Y
Solid Edge SP Add on Add on Add on
Embedded client Add on Add on Add on

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b) CAM Express:

CAM Express is designed to be used independently of any specific CAD system. It has key industry translators for data import. Integrated with Solid Edge

A complete foundation within each package

Each CAM Express package comes with a comprehensive base of core technology including access to the Siemens PLM on-line post-processor library, a graphical post processor build and edit application, tool-path verification, CAD file translators, .on-line help, shop documentation output, assembly handling, access to machining parameter library with proven machining data and more.

Modular industry focused packages

CAM Express is available in application focused packages to address:

  1. 2 1/2 Axis Machining
  2. 3 Axis Machining
  3. Mill-Turn Machining
  4. Advanced Machining

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use, Low Cost of Ownership, Full Range of Capability, Comprehensive Foundation, High speed machining, Multi-function machining, 5-axis machining (will be increase upto 11 –axis Only in total machining.)

CAM Express includes capabilities that other systems can’t provide or charge a premium for. NC Programmers need a full complement of capabilities that support and enhance the programming task.
• Tool path verification
• Libraries
• Assembly environment
• Shop documentation
• Integrated post processing
• Full range of translators
• Cutting parameter database
• On-line help